Full Groom

The complete treatment for your beloved canine friend! A Full Groom includes a relaxing bath with 2 shampoo rinses and a conditioning treatment, complete dry, nail trim, ear clean, clip/scissor to your preferred style and finished off with a spritz of gorgeous smelling cologne.

Bath and Brush

Treat your dog to a pamper in between full grooms. Also suitable for breeds that don't require clipping. Bath and Brush gives your dog a lovely bath with 2 shampoo rinses and a conditioning treatment, a complete dry off, ear clean, nail clip, face trim and manual brush out, finished off with a spritz of cologne.

Puppy Intro

A must for all puppies, especially coats that require regular grooming. Get your puppy used to the salon environment with a bath and gentle dry, face and feet trim, small coat tidy, introduction to clippers, nail trim and lots of cuddles! Available to puppies up to 6 months old.

Luxury Extras

Why not add a little extra sparkle to your dogs treatment? I offer a Blueberry Facial to brighten the face and help eradicate tear stains, Paw Wax Treatment to protect pads from the harsh environment and prevent cracking and Dental Fresh tooth brushing with freshening gel and foam.

Hand Stripping

The traditional grooming method for wire coated breeds and some spaniels, includes a nail trim,  2 shampoo bath and the removal of the excess long, wiry, dead hair, leaving the soft undercoat and a lovely bright, smooth appearance.

Ear Plucking/Anal Glands

Well, someone's gotta do it?! Ear plucking is available to help prevent the build up of excess hair, wax and dirt inside the ear that could contribute towards ear infections. I can also externally express anal glands for a comfy bottom. Included in Full Groom, Bath and Brush and Hand Stripping.


A standard de-shedding treatment is included in a Bath and Brush groom. However, some breeds can build up a lot of dead coat.  This treatment will manually remove the dead, excess hair and make your dog feel more comfortable as well as reducing moulting.